Dear all,

With the closing of early registration on the 10th of May, we have received 147 course registration forms. The following courses are full and therefore will not accept any new registrations:

1. EXE102b Swimming (18 pax)
2. EXE108a Fitness Yoga (17 pax)
3. EXE110 Wellness Medical Qi Gong (29 pax)
4. SNG103 Vocal Training (39 pax)
5. ART107 Acrylic / Oil painting (22 pax)
6. ART116 Chinese Painting (21 pax)
7. BAKE102 Pastry Basics (33 pax)
8. ICT210 Blogs & Social Networking (24 pax)

9. PHT201 Intermediate Digital Photography (25 pax)

Limited places are still available for HEA105 Healthy Cooking, DNC102 Western Social Dance, and ART104 Handicraft. Other courses are still open for registration until further notice.

Classes will commence tomorrow (Thursday) for EXE110 Wellness Medical Qi Gong as scheduled (please gather at IG’s Seminar Room), while JPN101 Basic Japanese and COK102 Malaysian Home Cooking are postponed due to delays in instructor and venue availability. All registered members/participants will receive updates and notifications via sms or telephone calls.

Best regards,
Chai Sen Tyng
Research Officer